About the Blog

If you were expecting a blog about sailing or the ocean, you’ve come to the wrong place. Still, please do enjoy your stay.

A Youth and The Sea is a blog created by Sally Marie Alexander Brown on the 28th of December 2016, and that officially went live on the 1st of January 2017. Sally’s nth attempt at blogging, AYTS has a simple goal: to help Sally become the writer she sometimes dares dream she is. Throughout the year, there will be posts about writing, books, and diverse thoughts about life in general or Sally’s life in particular, hopefully in a witty tone and with some imagery based on the ocean, mostly because that’s the theme she decided to go with the blog. And besides, what is life besides a grand ocean we must try to navigate using only our heart as a compass, our mind as a map, and, sometimes, the stars when we are lost?

About the Author

Sally Marie Alexander Brown (pseudonym) is a 20 year-old university student from Portugal. She studies Translation and is officially married to the Humanities, though she has had a life-long love affair with Science (never consumated due to a strained relationship with Maths), particularly Astronomy and, more recently, Psychology. She lives with her family and two cats.

Sally has wanted to be a writer from a young age, though those dreams were forgotten for a few years until, one day, a character sprung in her mind. Before she knew it, an entire world had appeared around it, so Sally decided to just roll with it and started dedicating herself to writing again. However, despite her various attempts, the ship had problems sailing: it would stall, get caught up in storms, almost hit dangerous rocks, or, more often than not, the captain would doubt herself and decide to just return to shore. Still, even when she gave up, she’d start thinking about trying again, always telling herself that next time she would finish her journey.

Will she be able to finish this time?


Want to contact for whatever reason? Want to be part of my ship crew? (Seriously, beta readers would be really cool) Email me at: sallymabrown@gmail.com