What’s up? — Short Story Challenge Week 1 Update

This week’s update is a bit late, I was supposed to have done it yesterday, but whatever.

To refresh your memories, I was supposed to have read one short story a day and written one short story a week. The short story came out great, around 6000 words waiting for me to eventually edit and revise. For those curious, it’s about a group of kids who travel to the other side of a river to find out if the rumours of the existence of monsters are true. It was mostly to set up some of the characters and the setting for my Big Damn Thing, but I like how the characters turned out and am looking forward to expand the universe.

As for the reading part, I have to say that I’m two short stories behind, because I tend to get distracted with things and when I realize it it’s almost 11 pm and I’m too tired to read and retain anything. (I guess technically I’m only one short story behind, because there was a day I read two short stories for a test I was having, but the goal is really to read one a day). I’ll get back on track, eventually, and I’ve read today’s already, so yay!

Right now, I’m going to start on this week’s story, for which I have already some vague ideas.


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