Last Stretch — Short Story Challenge Update

And now it’s the last week of the challenge, and so far I’ve been on track. Though I could have some better time management, instead of rushing everything at the last minute. I’m thinking lists, since schedules are a bit too much for me.

Also, hey, Camp NaNo is coming up! Which means I have to figure out what I want to do. I’m thinking more short stories, editing what I have, some worldbuilding, maybe revisiting an older work to keep myself from getting bored.

So, eight more short stories to read and one more to write. Let’s see how it goes!


Go and Get’em, Tiger– Short Story Challenge Week 2 Update

Besides managing to not melt into a puddle, despite current apocalyptic temperatures, I also managed to get my reading up to date! What some sense of responsibility and determination can do for a person, right?

I also wrote the second short story, nearly 4000 words, about a woman who gets stranded in the town and has to get help to fix her flying contraption back to work. This one’s not so much about the action, but the characters.

Use sunscreen, kids, and keep yourselves hydrated. Yes, even if it’s Winter for you.

What’s up? — Short Story Challenge Week 1 Update

This week’s update is a bit late, I was supposed to have done it yesterday, but whatever.

To refresh your memories, I was supposed to have read one short story a day and written one short story a week. The short story came out great, around 6000 words waiting for me to eventually edit and revise. For those curious, it’s about a group of kids who travel to the other side of a river to find out if the rumours of the existence of monsters are true. It was mostly to set up some of the characters and the setting for my Big Damn Thing, but I like how the characters turned out and am looking forward to expand the universe.

As for the reading part, I have to say that I’m two short stories behind, because I tend to get distracted with things and when I realize it it’s almost 11 pm and I’m too tired to read and retain anything. (I guess technically I’m only one short story behind, because there was a day I read two short stories for a test I was having, but the goal is really to read one a day). I’ll get back on track, eventually, and I’ve read today’s already, so yay!

Right now, I’m going to start on this week’s story, for which I have already some vague ideas.

Sitting at the Edge of Land, Looking at the Horizon — What the Hell am I doing in June?

It’s that time of the year again. Summer. End of classes. Holidays. The sinking feeling that you should be doing something more productive, like an internship or a job or really anything to not make your resume look as pathetic as it looks now. I have two more tests this week, German oral evaluation on the 22nd, hopefully no exams (this threat, I believe, has been neutralized but it’s never bad to remain cautious), and no classes until September returns and I have to redo the painfully stressful process of signing up for the new year (and no one will take that Creative Writing class from me, I swear to Cthulhu). It will be my third year, my last year, in college. Yeah. It’s funny how life creeps on you.

I think this whole anxiety about the future, which I suppose is a way for the brain to tell me to prepare for the changes ahead, has the ironic side effect of making me do nothing about the future. The more you worry, the less you do (the more you procrastinate). Instead of fight or flight, you get freeze.

Anyway, I’m digressing. June. New month. What am I doing?

I want to pick up steam this month. Things have been very mellow and slow, because I do not have the capacity to deal simultaneously with the stresses of college and the creation of a writing habit, it seems, but now that part of the equation is temporarily out of the way, I can concentrate on the other.

I’m taking part in Rachel Giesel’s Short Story Challenge (I know, I’m late, May was… a month I’d much rather not think about, thank you very much). Basically, read a short story every day, write a short story a week. It’s good, it’s structured, it’ll give me a concrete goal and no excuses for me to go all over the place just because I can. I will eventually publish these stories here on the blog, though maybe not as I write them. I’ll check back at the end of the month/first day of July.

Speaking of July, that’s the next Camp NaNoWrimo! I have to think about what to do. I remember in the beginning of the year saying that I was dedicating one of the two Camps to edit the stories I was writing at the time, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing just that. But that’s not all I’m doing. To keep things interesting, I’ll also be working on my worldbuilding project which I, sadly, have been neglecting. Like how I neglect all other aspects of my life. I’m pretty sure I need help.

Anyway, I’m expecting the stories to already be related to that, somehow, either in setting or characters or both, just to give me a better idea of the place. Right now, what I have is just country and town names, basic history and geography, but nothing really concrete about the town itself, for that I’ll have to look at some pictures of riverside towns.

I’m also bringing back weekly updates, which makes sense since I’m actually doing something productive with my life and writing, for once. These, I suppose, will be similar to my earlier updates, and I think it’ll do me good to return to a familiar format. At least until my brain becomes bored again. I’m pretty sure I need help.

Without further ado, I shall end my update here. It’s late, and I have a test tomorrow.