So, I just finished what I can call a two-day marathon to complete an assignment for university. In my defense, not a lot of time was given, but hey, it’s going pretty well. The classmate I’m working with even praised my work, and now I feel all giddy and happy because I was feeling nervous and that the work I was doing wasn’t good enough.

I think that’s important, to have people reminding you that you’re doing a good job. And I think it’s particularly important if, like me, you struggle with having confidence in your work or yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hurricane of negativity in your mind, especially when your mind can conjure all the times that went wrong while ignoring the ones when it went well.

And that’s really one of the reasons why I started this blog, too. Right now, I don’t really have anyone I show my writing to, due to lack of confidence and because, honestly, there aren’t a lot of people I fully trust, let alone to show my writing to. Nor do I have anyone who I can speak to more or less openly, due to the above reason. One day, when I do have something to show for and post here, I want to do so with the confidence that it will be read, enjoyed, and that people will tell me what I did well and what I can improve.

Anyway, last week I may or may not have forgotten to write a post here. And by forgetting, I mean I procrastinated a lot. I need to set up alarms. I think the problem is that, most of the time, nothing really happens and I don’t have much to say. Writing-related topics have been relegated to when I finish classes, since those posts always take a lot of time for me. Maybe I could use prompts, or something? Or maybe someone could ask me something or suggest a topic, that would be interesting, too.

Oh, and as for my “I shall write every week not matter what” challenge, I have, in fact, been writing. I have been doing it twice a week (though there was a week when I only managed once), and with tests coming up I’m unsure if I can manage more than that. Sure, it’s 750 words minimum and I can do that in 25 minutes (today I managed 22, whoa), but a girl still needs to spend four hours on Youtube laughing at memes watching videos on several interesting but unrelated topics *rolls eyes at self*.

For now, that is all. See you next week, if I come up with something.


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