Books and Assignments– A Midweek Update

I left the house today to run some errands, and I’m going to write a post about them because I feel it’s somewhat relevant and because I just felt like it.

I had to go to my college because my English professor was giving back to us our last written assignments, and was also telling us our final grades. The final grade is pretty much irrelevant, my main focus is on the written assignment. This assignment was to write a narrative text of about 500 words with whatever theme we wanted. Now, I didn’t fail this assignment or anything, I’m just kind of unsatisfied because I thought I would get a higher grade (which was lower than in my other texts, which were an essay and a descriptive text, and I had honestly thought that the narrative text would be the best of the bunch) and some praise beyond “you write well.”

I keep telling myself that the last part is a bit ridiculous. Every time I’m involved in something even vaguely to do with writing, the most hopeful part of me imagines that I’ll somehow be “discovered” or something like that. Of course, that never happens. I know intellectually that that is unlikely to happen. Still, my mind goes that way, and ends up disappointing itself despite my rational part trying to stop it.

Anyway, this is all to say that I’ve decided to publish that text here on the blog, because why not, and add some commentary and give myself some sort of closure, because while I’m not mad I know my mind will keep thinking about this for the next few days.

After meeting with my teacher, I went to one of my college’s book stores and bought two books on creative writing, Manual de Escrita Criativa [Creative Writing Manual] and Introdução à Escrita Criativa [Introduction to Creative Writing] by João de Mancelos.I’ve been meaning to buy them for a long time, but only now did I find myself with enough economical freedom to buy them (money really is the best Christmas and birthday gift, at least to me).  I’ve decided that I’m going to talk about them here, maybe next month or later.

Since I still had time, I took the subway to a nearby mall in order to engage in one of my favourite pastimes: spend more than half of my savings in a single bookstore. Fortunately, I still have money because I didn’t have that much time to browse through the entire store, though I did make a few purchases: The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, which I have been curious about; Go Set a Watchman, by Harper lee, which I’ve been dying to read ever since I knew of its existence (I read To Kill a Mockingbird last year and it quickly became one of my favourite books ever); and The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, because I feel like I should read something by him (besides the fact that it’s a bit embarrassing that my blog’s title was indirectly inspired by a book I’ve never read, oops).

So, this was my day! I’d also like to thank the three people who left me likes on the Week 1 Update. I’m actually surprised people have actually found my blog, considering I’m doing nothing to promote it, and pleased that they left likes. It gives me determination to keep going and make more of an effort!



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